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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Clothing Sponser

Looking for a hot outfit for a photoshoot or a night out ? Check out playful threads , they have an awesome selection with reasonable prices !! I plan on useing there clothes for upcoming shoots, make sure to check it out !



Well summer is over and the month of September is already here ! Its going to be a super busy month with contests and such ! First I be attending The Florida a local show next weekend Sept 9 held in Orlando Florida at UCF. I have a few figure girls doing it that I helped who all look look good, and I am very exicted for them !
Later in the month I will be in Anahiem , CA for the Pro Figure at the TOC, you can check out details at . I am getting exicted to once again step on satge, have fun and meet some more friends . I will make sure to post some pics after the show !
I will also most likely be at the Olympia, not sure when and where but I will keep you updated !
The week after the Olympia I will be at another local florida show the Southeastern, where they will have new rookie Phil Health guess posing, come check it out :

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Well it the time again........ I am living in the gym again !!! I had a nice break from the demands of contest prep. I had a few days here and there were I didn't even workout or do cardio at all !!!! Imagine that ! Actually I vary rarely take time off from the gym for a long period of time, because in general working a a little sweat always makes me feel good. But it was nice not to be obligated to the treadmill ! I am now currently 5 weeks this weekend from determined of Champions Pro Figure in Anaheim, Ca. I am excited to compete at least one more time for the year......I really not have any expectations but to make improvements from my last show and to have fun !! I have a lot of other projects in the works and I keep my dairy updated when I have any news or events I will be at. Have a great summer everyone !

Wednesday, July 19, 2006



I just wanted to say how proud I was of my friend Sarah Hoy, who just got 12th at TU. She looked awesome and IMOP should of placed higher, but she got moved up from last call out in one piece to 2nd call out in the two piece if that says something !!! Go get them in VEGAS !!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


More Pittsburgh Backstage Photos



Saturday, May 20, 2006




Two Down One more to Go !

First of all I want to say congrats to both Jenny Lynn and Val Waugaman on there wins in Pittsburgh and Colorado. Both women looked awesome and are both sweet and down to earth . The great thing about competing is meeting all these great women who share the same passion as me.
The traveling has been hectic but its been a good time. I was a little off for Pittsburgh and was bumped down to 15th, but I recovered and placed 8th in Colorado in a tough line up ! The show it self was well organized I have to give credit to Jeff Taylor and Shawn Ray for promoting a great show !
I got some good feedback from the judges and the are happy with how I am looking this year. In general I have received many positive comments in general. I believe between off season training, suit selection, posing modifications I presenting a better overall package then last year. I am heading out to the Cal Pro next week to see if I can go up a few more places , Wish me luck !

Saturday, April 29, 2006



SO sorry for the lack of posts on my blog. I have super busy the last few months !

First of all I am getting ready for the Pittsburgh Pro Figure and the Colorado Pro Figure( I am less then a week out and I am
exicted! I have made some improvements in my physqiue, and presentation so I am ready for a new season to begin.
I have also all ready had two great shoots this year with Terry Goodland and Bill Dobbins, which I will share some pictures as soon as I get them. Also look for some new pictures in my members section from last year .
I have alot going on so make sure to come back and check it out !

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Two more outfits for sale

Black thong bikini.....Is a very funky material , even though you cant see in the picture.

The I have a candy pink hologram short set .


Photo Shoot Outfits For SALE

Instead trying to have all the photoshoot outfits ETC in my store , I am going to post some pictures of them here and you can contact me at if interested in purchasing. I am open for the offers. Thanks !

The first one is a hologram bikini of various pink colors, thong back.

Then I also have a two piece color in a pretty teal color.


Women and Appearance

Wow, Its February already !! Hopefully everyone is having a GREAT new year and on there way to achieving there goals fitness and beyond. I have been busy setting up photoshoots, planning this competitive year and building up my personal training clientele. I am working with about 15 different women right now all wanting to change there body's. I have noticed a trend no matter what size or shape, no female is ever happy with there body. As I help these women become more fit and physically strong I believe working on there mental strength is just as important too . Because to matter how good you look on the outside its important that you believe it in the inside. A great case in point of this would be the women who won the SWAN. Remember the make over show, well the women who won the whole thing, had all these plastic surgery and is beautiful now....(she was on Dr.Phil) She still feels ugly because how she feels in inside never caught up with her outwards appearance . So remember to believe in yourself !!


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